When you write about race, the feedback and messages white people send you ends up being the same. They all have the same tired retorts. They desperately need to get new material.

Here are the top 10 hits of white nonsense. There are many more examples, but these are the top 10 imo.

1. Not all…

The mentioning of Eastern Europeans here is disrespectful. Considering how many different conquering armies have stomped over the Polish, Ukrainians, etc. over time, there is no need to utilize them as a prop in a “not all…, lol” argument. especially when it’s so clear that the person that would claim Eastern Europeans didn’t participate in imperialism is already doing exactly that.

Everything else I agree with.

I think something is lost in translation here. Let me elaborate.  

I definitely was not using Eastern Europeans as a prop! I mentioned them because it is a very real tactic and ongoing theme people use to derail conversations and topics I write about or bring up. It happens all the time. When I mean all the time, I mean all the time. I could be talking about European colonialism in Africa or the history of white majority rule in Southern African countries, and then someone will message me about Eastern Europeans like I have somehow condemned them. Of course I did no such thing, but they love to play this game and put words in my mouth. It is a diversion.

Sometimes people will bring up Eastern Europeans completely randomly to me. The other day I wrote this post about how when Nigerians die, there is never a concrete number of the casualties. Someone wrote in a reply asking “what about Ukraine people?" Did that have any relevance to what I was talking about? Absolutely not. Just like if I’m talking about the British Empire and their brutal colonialism and white supremacy, someone will message me about Eastern Europe to tell me "not all white people".

This is what I’m talking about. I hope I’ve made myself clear. I’m not disrespecting Eastern Europeans.

Thank you.

How ironic that on a post about white nonesense a white person responds… with UTTER nonesense. Truly unbelievable. I’m constantly floored by how incredibly narcissistic white people can be, incredibly high on their white privilege and the power of white supremacy. Everything must be centered around them. And the fact that Atane MENTIONED that white people love to derail using the Eastern European argument -which he did not mention in a disrespectful manner by the way at all as he is very conscious of the differential histories and power dynamics etc. (see above)- and then to watch a white person comes along and says the SAME thing. Just wow.

White people never cease to amaze me.